Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last day at the cabin

 Look at that face!  Trouble… all the way.
 She had hooked her hands behind her head and stretched back like she was relaxing after a big meal.
 It may have been -10 F, but it was calm and sunny.  Thijs and I had a great time sledding and running on the ice.

Panoramic shot of the icy lake and Thijs
 I wanted to get a picture and he surprised me and a peck on the cheek.  What a sweet boy!
This wrapped up another great weekend at the cabin.

Dog Sledding Video

If the video doesn't load for you, go to this link

Dog Sledding

For Christmas, grandma gave us a dog sledding experience. It was an unbelievable fun adventure.  It was a one hour ride with time before to meet the dogs and get trained and finished with hot cocoa.
Special Thanks to Chilly Dogs Dog Sled Trips (Website: )
 Here you can see Lizzy and I after the ride---we are really both smiling. She did sleep through most of it.
 Meeting the dogs

 Snuggled in and ready to go.

 It was a beautiful day- The temp was about 4 degrees C. Very little wind and bright sunshine. Most of the ride was on a road or on a frozen lake.  A small amount was a hilly trail.

 The middle two sled in this picture are Heather (and Aaron) to the right and Jason (and grandma) to the left.

 Waiting to get unhooked.
 Lizzy and I in the sled with a nice guide mushing our sled.
 The six dogs that pulled us along

 Ready for hot cocoa!
 She looks pretty happy post-dogsled ride.

Christmas at the Cabin

The day after Christmas, we headed up to the cabin to spend time with family.
 Playing on the ice on Lake Vermilion

 Enjoying some post sledding hot cocoa
 With his cousins
 Wearing our crowns

 Reading jokes and eating pasties
 Lizzy opening her American Girl Bitty Baby from grandma
 Love at first sight.

 Plus a crib for it from the Aunties.
 All bundled up and outside.

 Mother and Daughter kicking it Minnesota style
 She didn't like being set down on her own.

 Family shot! All looking happy and smiley---so rare.

 Thijs and his cousin jumping.  I tried to get them to jump in unison---This one works…but the reality is that Thijs is just coming down and his cousin is just going up.
 My little purple marshmallow
 Swinging with grandma

 Happy boy building his Logging Truck.

 Getting ready to roast hot dogs outside.

Great face Thijs….