Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July in a small town

 Someone waving a flag is excited about going up to the cabin.
 Thijs swimming out to the raft.
 Lizzy asked to wear the life jacket.  It is a little big for her, but she loved wearing it.  :)

 Cousin dogs running around.
 Maisy made a new best friend.
 Lizzy had no trouble commanding the attention of her cousins.
 "Little Miss Independent" ready for the parade
 Thijs doing some last minute minnow hunting before the parade

 At the parade with Grandma

 Thijs found this beetle during the parade and it almost kept him from collecting candy.

 Sawdust Scramble - they throw a bunch of coins in the sawdust and the kids hunt for them.  Thijs came out with three bucks. Not bad.
 This rock was near our parking spot for the parade.  Lots of rock up north.
 The parade haul- Thijs even put some candy out at the dinner picnic to share with people.
 At the beach
 With her mama
 Thijs' minnow operation

 Running on the beach
 Another beetle friend

 In her "Let It Go" nightgown -- currently obsessed with it.

I turned to find Lizzy sitting on this toy tractor shouting "Bye! Bye!" like it was going to take her right out of there.

New York City Fun!!!

 And we are off!  Kids are at they Aunt and Uncle's.  We are staring at the clouds from above.
 This is on the building by Rockefeller Plaza. "Wisdom and Knowledge shall be the stability of thy times."
 Sculpture at Rockefeller Plaza.

 We didn't get into the Tonight Show despite attempts (tickets are gone online in seconds). But here is the marque for it.

 This mosaic is on the 30 Rock building.  It says "Thought" at the bottom.  On the right it says "Spoken word" and on the left it says "Written word".  Outside the photo is lists different disciplines that fall into these categories.  Biology was listed on the right side.
 Crazy crazy Times Square.  I think this was my highlight.  I have seen it on TV countless times, but standing there made you realize just how insane the media is there.  Screens on all sides bigger than my house.

Finally lunch---we went to this Kebab house.  It was delicious of course.

We found John's sweet spot.  :)
In Times Square waiting at tkts to get discounted tickets.

While in line, this dragonfly attached itself to John and stayed there for at least an hour.  It got many comments.
Before going to "On the Town", we hit up the Shake Shack.  Oh my goodness!  It was so delicious. Cheese fries, burgers, and shakes….what more could  you want?
At the Lyric Theater for "On the Town" - it was a great show.  I especially liked that it was set in NYC.  The dancing was more ballet than I expected, but amazing.

I obviously couldn't get enough of Times Square.
Here is my celebrity sighting - Jason Alexander.  He was doing a show there and we happened to walk by when he was leaving. He was taking photos with everyone that stopped. Seemed very nice.
TODAY SHOW!!! So I got up early to see the taping of the Today Show.
It was the Summer Concert series with Nate Reuss as the artist (lead singer from Fun!).  I really enjoyed seeing all of the behind the scenes stuff that goes into the show.  The hosts did not mingle with the crowd at all.
I did get these sweet glasses and hat to wear.  :)
The 9-11 Memorial hit me harder than I had anticipated.  I was in my first year of teaching and I remember it clearly.  Especially powerful was the huge number of names of first responders on the Memorial.
One World Trade Center -- We decided to go up to the Observatory.  It had only been open a few weeks.
Up to the 102nd floor in less than 60 seconds.  On the way up, you watch the city go from earliest development to modern day on the elevator walls lined with screen. It was like looking at google maps, but in person. :)

After the Observatory, we walked Highline Park.  This is an abandoned elevated train track that has been converted into an elevated park.
It was quite busy.  There are lots of places to sit and watch people, the skyline, or traffic.
At one point we came across this art project - building a LEGO structure in community.

We were glad to see that near the end of the park, they were letting nature take control.  The older part of the park looks very planned and manicured.  So it was a nice transition so see the natural process.
The Financial District from Circle Line Cruise's Liberty Cruise.  It was cloudy, but still a great morning to see the sights from the water.

The woman I had been looking forward to seeing. Lady Liberty.

This is the Intrepid Air and Space Museum -- we weren't able to fit into our plans this visit--- next time.

Lunch in Central Park---we picked up street food from the Halal Guys and it was amazing.  We had people stopping to ask us where we got it and staring at it as they walked by.
I didn't know that there is so much exposed rock in Central Park.  All over the place with people climbing on it.  It was cool.
"The Mall" in Central Park

These two photos were taken on our way through a building to Bethesda Fountain. Such detail.
On the edge of the Bethesda Fountain.
Another little pond that had remote control sailboats in it.
The Guggenheim.  We didn't go in, but it was fun to see the building in person.
From Central Park, we walked to visit some friend on the Upper East Side.  He had this fine photo up in his apartment.  I couldn't help but take a picture of it. Look at those Dutch Dancers!

We went to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit and event with our friends.
Despite being rainy, we had a wonderful evening.
Including some prickly pear margaritas

On Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to do yoga in Times Square for the International Day of Yoga.  They gave us these nice red yoga mats.  It was misty so my feet kept slipping around, but it was amazing to try and be calm and introspective in such a place of distraction.
They said that 50,000 people had signed up to do one of the many yoga classes in Times Square that day.
We finally made it to the Met.
On our guided tour, our guide brought us to this sculpture by a Japanese artist that affixes glass spheres to objects.  In this case a taxidermied deer.  These are its antlers.
I loved the colors in this Tiffany window.
This Egyptian temple was interesting to read about and look inside.
The detailed painting on the dress of this woman amazed me.  It looks like a photograph when you look at the dress, but the face looks like a painting.
Chuck Close is a favorite of my sister's and I am always fascinated by his work.

Van Gogh "First Steps"

We went to FAO Swartz since they are closing their famous NYC store in July.  My son has several
"Calips" so I had to take a picture with this one.
And another stroll through Central Park on our last day.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed visiting NYC.  Living there is not for me, but I can see why it appeals to some.  There are many things that we didn't get to that we wanted to--so maybe there will be another visit in the future.