Thursday, October 16, 2014

Even More Photos...

Maisy has enjoyed a few walks to the falls.  :)
Minnehaha Falls….incredible!
A girl and her doll.

At the homecoming football game!

Thijs ask me to take a picture of him with Lizzy.  Here I thought I was going to get some super cute sibling interaction.  Oh well.

Thijs had a birthday party at the park and so we enjoyed an afternoon outside on a beautiful fall day.

Could she be any cuter?  Well, maybe without the evidence of gravity winning a round of the walking battle.

Here is Lizzy climbing the stairs carrying the baby doll.  Seriously, she loves to carry that thing around.

This picture is of the street that our church and Thijs' preschool is on.  One day when I picked him up the colors were just off the charts as you can tell.
Those beautiful orange trees are directly outside my classroom window.  I have loved walking in in the morning to their colors….unfortunately soon enough the leaves will fall.
It must have been a rough day at daycare because when I picked her up her onesie had been snapped on the outside of her pants.


Playing with a new toy and a new app.  I basically use my phone as our only phone.  I have enjoyed playing with apps that edit photos.  So I got the new iPhone 6 and the waterlogue app.  Here are some pictures that I toyed with.

Church Retreat

We had the great opportunity to go on our church's retreat at Covenant Pines.  The weather was ….well, miserable.  Cold, rainy, windy….. But Thijs and Lizzy had the greatest time.  Thijs got to sleep on a bunk bed.  Lizzy got to teeter tooter around and people talked to her.  Thijs got to play outside and play in the gym. 

Picture Dump

Thijs has discovered that he can take pictures of himself with my phone and he loves silly faces.  Goodness…this boy.  :)