Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Thijs has been really into drawing dragons lately so we thought we would go to the MIA to find art with dragons on it.

 Here we come!!
 There's a fountain inside???
 He didn't want to pose for a picture.
 There is no shortage of cuteness here.
 In the Family Center playing together….kind of.
 Who looks like trouble?
 Thijs' city with a race track around it.
 Lizzy stood up on the glass wall watching people go by and looking a bit like an animal in the zoo.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The pool is cool.

Finally we had a 90 degree day that truly merited the pool.  We went in the late afternoon since it tends to be quieter then.  Even with the heat, it wasn't too crowded.  
 This is not an accident.  This is Thijs rolling down the hill in his sandals and swimsuit.  A true sign of summer, right?
Lizzy was on the move.  She is a full time job at the pool now.  She wants to crawl everywhere!  Even though it is concrete and rough on her knees.  She would have kept going right into the water here if I hadn't grabbed her.  She seems to really enjoy the water.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photo Dump

Here are some pictures I have taken over the last few weeks.
 There is a dog in this picture.  I have no idea how she got herself under the pillow.
 Milk coma at 10 months---it still happens
 We went to the library and here are the books that Thijs picked out.  He is all about non-fiction.
 I thought this was a pretty awesome picture of an anglerfish that Thijs drew.  You can see the eyes and the lure.
 The standing princess
 Thijs and I went out for a treat together and he told me this was the best cupcake he had ever had.

 Lizzy's silly face
 And the precious face
 Thijs built this tower for me and wanted me to take a picture of it.
 She looks so big here.
 New playground at Minnehaha Park

 Kind of playing together

 Proof that not every picture shows a beautiful smiling baby

 Our strawberry plant is producing a great yield this year.

 Sculpture Garden fun!
 All stretched out asleep---she is a side and tummy sleeper.
 Thijs saw this Dimetrodon at the Science Museum and desired it.  It cost $8 and I told him he didn't have it.  He spent the next week asking me every day how he could get $8.  Then he participated in a study for the U of MN and they gave him a $10 gift card.  So we promptly went and bought the Dimetrodon.
The next day while we were out for a few hours in the morning, the canine predator tore it apart.  :(

A new one is coming in the mail and should be here on Monday.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Como Zoo

One of the many things I wanted to do this summer was to take Thijs to Como Zoo.  We have a membership to the Minnesota Zoo and usually go there.  So here are pictures of our adventures.  You will notice no pics of Lizzy.  She was with us, but in the stroller and sleeping most of the time. The first exhibit we went through was their Central and South America exhibit.  It has aquariums with fish, a sloth, poison dart frogs, snakes, spiders, and leaf cutter ants.  We went to the Sparky the Sea Lion show---saw polar bears swimming--and headed for the big cats when Thijs requested that we return to the "Plant Exhibit".  So the Central and South America exhibit with the leaf cutter ants was his favorite.  He didn't care about giraffes or zebras or lions…..just adoration for the arthropods.
 The aquatic gardens before the entrance are beautiful.  You see some of the giant lily pads in this picture.  Thijs found some tadpoles in the water and was entertained before we even entered the zoo.
 Up close with a gorilla
 I asked him to smile for a photo with the giraffe in the background.  This picture is a perfect portrait of how he feels about posing for pictures.
 We went into the Conservatory as well.  This sunken garden is always beautiful.  I usually don't go into the gardens in the summer, but I should.  They are always impressive.

 Thijs loved watching the goldfish in the pond here.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July "Up North"

Nothing quite like celebrating the Fourth of July in small town America.  The parade in Tower, MN lacks nothing….especially people throwing candy.  
 Enjoying the parade on Daddy's lap.  She stayed awake for the whole thing and seemed to enjoy it. The jumper she is wearing was made by her grandma for all the grandsons, but it looked gender neutral enough for our little princess.
 Thijs was too busy taking in the sights to look at me for a picture. He loved collecting candy and we came home with a huge bag full.

 Cousins on a float
 The politicians were out in full force for the parade.  Al Franken could not resist our little Lizzy.  He stopped moving forward to tell us how beautiful she is and asked her age.  He responded that he has a grandchild the same age.  While we didn't have him pose with John and Lizzy, you can see Lizzy and Al in the same photo here.  We actually have a photo of Thijs at the parade with Al in the picture as well.

 Thijs enjoyed the sawdust scramble where coins are hidden in piles of sawdust.  The age groups are split up and this year Thijs was at the bottom of his age group.
 Patience was needed as he uncovered most of his coins after most of the kids had left.
 For one of the picnics, I made this sand pudding.  You can find the recipe here. I was going to take a better picture of it, but Thijs threw a fit at the picnic and we had to leave before it came out.
 Enjoying another picnic!

 Lizzy experiencing Lake Vermilion
 Hanging out with family
 Thijs swimming and jumping on the raft
Lizzy and I enjoying the water